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Welcome to Rocking Horse Nursery

I opened Rocking Horse on the 28th April 2002 after much renovation, having moved into the building in July 2001. I called it Rocking Horse because my abiding memory of my nursery was the lovely old Rocking Horse!

The aim from day one was to offer a home from home friendly environment where children could spend their days happily playing and interacting with other children and (without their knowledge) learning intellectual and life skills for their future but most of all to be sociable and independent. I have been a lifelong lover of being outdoors and wanted to offer all the children in our care the opportunity to walk, run, explore and shout (if they want to) without the risk of being frowned at or worse still shouted at!

Having spent the previous 13 years travelling the world and experiencing childcare in its various forms in three different countries and 6 different locations I had a good idea of which aspects of the various nurseries my children had attended I really liked and which I really didn’t like!

My sincere hope is that we can look after, care and nurture your child as you would wish to yourself or at least be the next best thing.

Fiona Milner Owner/Manager

Helping to create happy, confident learners

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